Our Services


TechSafe Global offers high quality services in consulting, research, education and engineering activities. We tailor our approaches and studies in order to fit in with the objective and context of our clients.

R&D, Training and Business Services

– Research and development of methodologies and procedures
– Regulatory, Standards and Technological Surveys
– Organization of tailored training courses based on specific demand of our clients
– Technico-economic evaluation, risk and opportunity analysis
– Financial evaluation of investment projects : We use digital simulations to take into account all the possible values for each parameter and the uncertainties related to each project in the studies.
– Identification of critical systems or activities
– Business continuity planning

Innovation, Safety, Risk & Project Management

– Innovation & Risk Management System, PMS
– Project Management
– Management Plan
– Define schedule, activities and studies to be performed for the project
– Expertise, Audit
– Risk Mapping
– Risk Identification, Quantification, Assessment and Treatment
– Identification of critical elements for the global performance
– Identification and Management of the safety critical elements (or the important elements for the safety)
– Human and Organisational Factors Analysis
– Incident / Accident Analysis, Learning from Experience System


HSE Reviews

– HAZID (Hazard Identification)
– PRA (Preliminary Risk Analysis) / PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis / Process Hazard Analysis)
– HAZOP (Hazard and Operability)
– SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Assignment  / LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis)
– Layout Review

The reviews will be recorded by means of professional software having drop down menus with look-up tables of all parameters and built-in formulas required for Risk Assessment or SIL Assignment calculation.

Innovative Devices, Process and HSE Design & Engineering

– Technology evaluation and selection
– 3D Models and Technical Drawings
– Plot Plan, Plant Layouts
– Datasheets, Equipment Specification
– Operations and HSE Philosophies
– Safety Concept
– Hazardous Area Classification and Drawing
– Plant Layout Optimization
– Fire Zone, Restricted Area & Impacted Area Calculation and Layout
– Consequence Analysis, Thermal Radiation Study
– Major Accident Hazards Modeling: 2D & 3D Thermal Radiation Study, Jet Fire, Pool Fire, Flash Fire, Explosion, 2D, 3D & 4D Gas Dispersion (with capability of solving the cases of multi-sources of emission with different chemical compositions in different weather conditions, etc.)
– FERA (Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis), QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment)
– EDD, EDS, PPRT (Technological Risk Prevention Plans) / Technological Risk Assessment
– Spill Risk Assessment, Emissions, Effluents and Discharge Report
– Flammable & Toxic Atmospheric Dispersion Study, EIA
– Fire & Gas Detection : Analysis, Mapping and Layout
– Escape Route & Safety Equipment Layout
– ESD Logic Diagram / Causes and Effects Matrix
– Fire Fighting System:

  • Fire Water & Foam Demand Calculation
  • Fire Water Nozzle Selection & Mapping
  • Fire Water Network Hydraulic Modelling (Steady-state and Transient Analysis)

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Functional Safety

– SIF, SIS Identification
– SIL Assignment / SIL Classification / SIL Assessment
– SIL Calculation / SIL Verification
– Reliability Study, Probabilistic Safety Assessment
– PAS (Production Availability Study) / RAM / RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Studies using Monte Carlo Simulation / Petri Nets
– ESD System, SIS (Safety Instrumented System)
– Functional Analysis
– FMEA / FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis)
– Fault Tree Analysis / Even Tree Analysis
– Optimisation of operation planning / supply chain / organisational factors
– Statistical data treatment from observation, feedback/learning from experience, simulations, survey and testing





We have licences of all necessary professional software required by our clients. We also develop our own calculation and modeling tools for our studies. The following figures illustrate some of our software tools and results provided in the proposed studies.

HAZOP Workshop

SIL Classification Workshop

 Hazardous Materials Discharge, Dispersion, Fire and Explosion Modellings



Water System Hydraulic Modelling


 Simulation of the Pressure Surge in a Water Network

Digital Simulations applied in the production calculation and financial assessment

 Reliability Block Diagram


Fault Tree

Markov Graph

Petri Nets


Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD)